DREAM Participants

The institutional leads:

To achieve the goals of paradigm shift, the DREAM Team will be composed of the following experts in their field:

  • The Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) project (Chair, Dean N. Williams);
  • The Ultrascale Visualization Climate Data Analysis Tools (UV-CDAT) project (PI, Dean N. Williams);
  • The Accelerated Climate Modeling for Energy (ACME) project (PI, Dean N. Williams);
  • The CoG project (chief architect, Luca Cinquini),
  • The Early Research Data Network (EDRN) (PI, Dan Crichton);
  • The Scalable Data Management, Analysis, and Visualization (SDAV) Institute (co-PI and Data Analysis lead, Valerio Pascucci);
  • The World Climate Research Programme’s Working Group on Climate Modeling Infrastructure Panel (WIP) (co-Chair, V. Balaji);
  • The Planetary Data System (PDS) (PI, Dan Crichton) among other teams.


  • Contribute to the overall DREAM architecture design
  • Contribute to the definition of service APIs, security scans and reviews, implementation, testing, and deployment of services Support for the application of the infrastructure to climate and hydrology communities Development and deployment of parallel computational infrastructure to be leveraged in the DREAM architecture


  • Overall DREAM architecture design
  • Definition of service APIs, implementation, testing and deployment of several services (publishing, search, security, user interface, workflows)
  • Support for application of infrastructure to climate, biology and hydrology


  • Project management, outreach
  • DREAM architecture design, ESGF data and infrastructure service developments (includes: data management, metadata development, system architecture, data publication, computing, monitoring services, and network)
  • UV-CDAT analysis and visualization API services, science liaison, and climate and biology ESGF UV-CDAT infrastructure support

Princeton University

  • Articulate scientific requirements needed for Earth system science through the WIP
  • Contribute to the overall DREAM architecture design, including the definition of service APIs, particularly for computation and analysis. This includes exploration of mechanisms for deploying user-developed analytics for earth system science on DREAM nodes consistent with our resource acquisition and access control mechanisms

University of Utah

  • Integration of the ViSUS platform with the ESGF and overall DREAM architecture. This will include server side data processing components for virtual datasets as well as client streaming and visualization of the results. In particular, the visualization components will be developed in collaboration with the other institution to better tailor them to each application domain while abstracting common components.