DREAM Abstract

DREAM: Distributed Resources for the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) Advanced Management

The Distributed Resources for the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) Advanced Management (DREAM) will provide a new way to access large data sets across multiple facilities, which will immediately improve research efforts as well as numerous other data-intensive applications. With its customizable user interface that communities of scientists can use to interact with each other, DREAM will provide a host of underlying services that can be adopted in part or as a whole, including services for publishing, discovering, moving, and analyzing data. The infrastructure will be deployable on private or public clouds, and will enable seamless scaling of services to meet increased demand (for example for a large computation task) and provide fault tolerance and failover. The approach is applicable to anyone with large or small global data used for analytic data processing needs, resource management, security, and client applications. To illustrate the applicability of this infrastructure in multiple disciplines, the project will provide a number of use cases in areas including climate science, hydrology, and biology.

This project will engage closely with DOE, NASA, and NOAA science groups working at the leading edge of computing. These engagements—in domains such as biology, climate, and hydrology—will allow us to advance disciplinary science goals and inform our development of technologies that can accelerate discovery across DOE more broadly. In addition, the project will utilize well established applications, such as: the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF: http://esgf.llnl.gov), the Ultrascale Visualization Climate Data Analysis Tools (UV-CDAT: http://uvcdat.llnl.gov), and the Earth System CoG (CoG: https://www.earthsystemcog.org/projects/cog/). ).